Sound Master Flexibler Silikon Sounds

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  • Ø 5,5 mm
  • Ø 7,5 mm

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Enjoy the stimulating sensations between pain and pure desire with Sound Master flexible Silicone Sounds. They are especially long and penetrate deep into sensitive areas.

It would be boisterous to assume that Sound Master flexible urethra dilator was intended especially for beginners. The dimensionally stable silicone with its smooth surface is especially well suited for intensive deep sounding. Unlike rigid metal, the elastic material follows the natural curvy shapes deep inside you. The smooth surface is gentle to the sensitive tissue of the urethra as far as possible and the rounded shape facilitates insertion.

Information: Originally a urethra probe has been used in medicine in order to widen the urethra for medical examinations.

 Urethra probes are considerably longer than penis plugs and permit the exploration of nerve endings deep inside you and help you discover completely new feelings. Probes are not suitable for wearing for a longer period of time, but they can simulate areas of the body which are out of reach normally.

Urethra probes are available in many sizes and styles. Some are especially long for internal prostate and bladder stimulation, whereas others intensify the arousal by vibrations or even sexual stimulation. Many men have experienced already that they have orgasms without using their hands.

As a matter of principle, we recommend this Sound for experienced users. It is long and penetrates far into sensitive areas. Be careful when inserting and stretching, and to not overdo things. If you have limited experience, be especially careful when inserting the probe - at the beginning only a few centimetres and not completely until you have got used a little. Then you can move the Sound forward and backward gently

  • S = ca. 350 mm Length x 3,5 mm diameter
  • M = ca. 350 mm Length x 4,5 mm diameter
  • L = ca. 350 mm Length x 5,5 mm diameter
  • XL = ca. 350 mm Length x 7,5 mm diameter
  • XXL = ca. 350 mm Length x 9,5 mm diameter
  • XXXL = ca. 350 mm Length x 11,5 mm diameter



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Sound Master Flexibler Silikon Sounds

Sound Master Flexibler Silikon Sounds


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