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    The brand-new Xtrm PP Power Kit with pump is here, for the ultimate kick in your poppers inhalation! This innovative inhalation system consists of the Xtrm System with pump ball, which can be easily attached to a rubber or gas mask!The The XTRM system has been cleverly developed to make the tube superfluous. After your session, you can simply close the...

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    This awesome aroma consisting of 4 different active ingredients was conjured up for all glory hole boys and guys. Horny and with a great kick With our SNFFR, specially developed for this bottle, you get the absolute dream kick. Cool SNFFR know more✔ For deep and long gloryhole fans✔ Flawless with our XS SNFFR✔ Strongly funky, great touch✔ Made in France...

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    Brilliant highlight: No more falling over... They are extremely popular and have a lot of power aroma to offer in the cool aluminum XL can... But when they fall over, the coolness is over. The guys from XTRM have once again nailed it with these brilliant “Holders”. Simply click your can on it and it will never fall over again (unless you provoke it)......

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    Our high-quality Bulldog Harness from 665 is perfect for anyone looking for a BDSM-Gay accessory that meets the highest standards. Made from black neoprene with double stripes in perfect red, this harness is not only visually striking, but also impressive in terms of its quality.Neoprene has many advantages over leather. It is never cold on the skin and...

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    Enter the dark world of seduction and dominance with "Dark Blindfold Premium Silicone" - the merciless blindfold for your BDSM odyssey. Crafted from premium, powerful silicone, it is a true milestone in enslavement and control.The ingenious silicone molds to your skin, creating an intense sensation that withstands even the most brutal sessions. With its...

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    With Volume 500 Natural pills, you will achieve unbeatable results. Thousands of customers are satisfied with volume500, giving their best testimonialsand successful experiences with Volume500 Thanks to our exclusiveand improved formula based on natural ingredients, you will regain

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    This snug fitting, yet stretchy, neoprene bondage hood can be used for a variety of stunning looks. Featuring a removable eye cover and a separate removable mouth/nose cover, you alway have the option of only exposing whichever sense you want to exploit or orifice you want to abuse.  The mouth/nose cover and crown panel are made with perforated neoprene...

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    This fantastic neoprene hood is the ultimate in confinement. It features a double zip front face and rear zip entry. Features Double Zip Front Face Rear Zip Entry Made from our 2.0mm Smooth Skin Neoprene Made here at 665  BY usa

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