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    XTRM ANAL - PLAY HARDER It’s back with our BEST XTRM Anal - Play Harder Spray and we’re going to top it off with the popular (which we have sold very successfully for the past 7 years) because it really works.  More intense than ever XTRM long-lasting formula improved special combination of active ingredients

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    The new paddles are here and they have it in them! No Popo knocker but this paddle is a well thought out instrument! A solid equipment for the hard penalties, these new Xleathers paddles are made of sole leather. Color black with red leather set off! Dimensions: total length 35,5 cm, width 12 cm, thickness: 0,5 cm striking surface: 22 cm, grip 13,5 cm

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    The  Sam Black Belt is an adjustable strap passing diagonally, usually over the right shoulder. As it is most often seen as part of a military or police uniform, it’s a perfect matching add-on to our signature saddle leather belts – making you look even more butch and >>>

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    Not for wimps! The XTRM ultimate testicle press. Determine the intensity by tightening the wing nuts. If that's not enough, the spikes are deep in the balls! If necessary, tighten the spikes. The matching hex key is included.19 pointed spikesvery stable acrylic140mm x 60mm 12mm thick!

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    A Wartenbergrad that lies perfectly and balanced in the hand and, in a way that cannot be explained, is much more beautiful than its fellows. The needle wheel can be used in all areas within BDSM. In the field of bondage, for example, rolling the soles of the feet is a popular practice when the partner's feet are tied. >>

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    The clap of the whip on his skin and the beautiful powerful dildo in his ass. This is what defines the DOMINATOR. Beautiful premium silicone with the dimensions: 154 x 36-45 mm let your fantasies run free. The straps of our whip clap wonderfully on the skin, while the handle in the form of a dildo lies comfortably and securely in the hand. Total length:...

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    Well made of high quality bamboo, well polished, skin friendly and abrasion resistant. Easy and easy to use. Comfortable handle, easy to hang on the wall, saves space. With gentle touch, gives you exciting experience. A small set to enrich your sex life. Ideal for couple role playing and costumes. It can really spice up the sex life between couples.

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    The paddle features a puppy paw shaped cutout that will leave a lasting impression. Apply just a moderate stroke and you'll get a pleasing visible mark. When you slap it onto the bare bum, it makes a rosy impression of a puppy paw and more crocodile skin impression right on the skin. Perfect for puppy play use. Use it lightly for foreplay or swing swing...

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    Whether horny spanking games or punish me, with our xleathers - small paddle small but with a good shot you are right! The sole paddles are neatly finished in detail, which makes them a small but effective tool. Total length: 20,5 cm and wide 9 cm, stroke length 12 cm, Colour black imitation leather

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    Black, soft genuine leather leather strap, adjustable by push buttons, with integrated spikes or with incorporated nails available.Attention: The variant with nails is only suitable for painful guys! The spikes, however, are flattened on the inside OPTION 1: Spikes: Length: 20 cm wide: 4 cmOPTION 3:Nails: Length: 19.5 cm wide: 4 cm

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